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 Mind if I overdeliver during these unprecedented times? before I Show you My Latest Book "The 8 Minute Mastermind"...  Learn How to Leverage Your Knowledge & Build Your Own mastermind With these 3 Free Resources...
Before you get your copy of the book (on the next page) Leverage Your Knowledge & Build A Mastermind With My 3 FREE Resources...

FREE RESOURCE #1 - 8 Minute Mastermind Case Study Training
Get 50+ recordings of hotseats from my PERSONAL mastermind in San Diego that I run weekly at my home. This will allow you to: 

- Gain clarity on your biggest challenges in record time (8-10 mins) 

  - See a live mastermind in action with a professional who’s done 10,000 hours of masterminding (including being a part of 28, starting 10, helping countless others start them and running the largest one in San Diego with over 500 members)

 - Get insights and strategies to plug and play in your business RIGHT NOW from real entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists doing the work each day. 

 - These exclusive, private recordings will help you see what a mastermind looks like in action, so you can be ready to start your very own and add massive value to your best clients, relationships and contacts. 
FREE RESOURCE #2 - The "Build A Mastermind" Cheatsheet 
($97 Value)
The 'Build A Mastermind Cheat Sheet' Reveals Everything You MUST Know To Start Your Own Successful Mastermind, Without Having To Struggle With Enrolling Members Or Use Up All Your Personal Time

  • Exactly what a Mastermind is, how they differ from a group coaching program, and what they mean for your future (and the future of our world)
  • ​The system that I've personally used after being a part of 28 masterminds and starting 10 myself. (with thousands of people who have transformed their lives and businesses through this model)
  • ​What Framework to use with your masterminds, in order to effective setup and facilitate a healthy, thriving mastermind community where everyone wins (and leverages your time in the process).
  • ​Plus get a special invite to our exclusive Masterminds For Entrepreneurs, a thriving community of entrepreneurs growing their own masterminds for personal and business growth.
29 new clients in just 3 months through working with Brad
"Without Brad's help I could not have done this and he made this so simple and easy for me to follow.  I'll never ever leave Brad as he's constantly bringing value..."
- Chris Yates
BONUS #3 - The "Build A Mastermind" Cheatsheet 
($97 Value)
Take our proprietary style profile test.  Our in-house GQ stylists have built our men's fashion algorithm from the ground up - and we've never been off base.
FREE RESOURCE #3 - 100+ Questions To Ask Your Mastermind ($97 Value)
Once you've learned how to fill your mastermind, the power of a mastermind is from the questions you ask those in your host seats. 

Originally Published in my Book "The 8 Minute Mastermind" along with 10 Questions I've Only Shared with My Own Masterminds. 
"Are You Ready to Discover How You Can Leverage What You Know To Tap Into a $500M/day Industry?"
Available for a Limited Time Only-- please allow time for delivery of bonuses
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